Yet another Raspberry Pi Cluster

Keeping up with the Devops

This cluster is meant as a personal learning experience to keep up with the development in IT when it comes to horizontal scaling and distributed data flows.

The final result

This video shows the experimental prototype with advanced features. The current "stable"/"public" version has no API for RGB-leds yet.

The Goals

As other people have already figured out, the small development boards are perfectly suited to experiment with clustered hard- and software. The tagline "Yet another…" is a nod towards their inspiration.

This project does hardly cover new ground. Nevertheless in a methodological way answers to inevitable questions are given:

One button to shut them all down!

The Workflow

A major milestone was reached when the formerly hackish cluster setup was fully automated to bootstrap up to 9 Raspberry Pi 2 Model B or Raspberry Pi 3 Model B into a networked cluster. All in a way to define the infrastructure in code and make remote execution within the cluster possible.