Yet another Raspberry Pi Cluster

# Building Blocks in the physical application domain

A Basic Saltstack Proxy Minion

How to code a basic proxy minion on Saltstack.

Where is $OPENSSLDIR on various distros?

The package maintainer of each distribution configure OpenSSL slightly different. To potentially put certificate files in the standard location various distributions were tested for $OPENSSLDIR with the help of Docker.

Serving scripts with Jekyll and GitHub pages

How to make a (bash) script downloadable from GitHub, for easy "bootstrapping".

Asking for userinput with bash

How to ask for input in a bash script.

Python daemon with systemd

How to keep a script running as a daemon.

Inspired by TOGAF

Inspired by TOGAF the Helotism project documents major building blocks in a standalone way with only marginally references to the Helotism project as a whole.